Eagle Vision Enterprise Advises Ways to Spring Clean Your Mindset

An individual’s mindset overtime becomes like an old pair of jeans or shirt. These are the clothes we own for years and years, and even if we can’t use them, we can’t seem to throw them out because they carry a sense of comfortability to us. Similarly, our mindset is what we believe to have from a very young age. Any positive or negative habits we may have, have been carrying a place in our minds because of the idea that we are comfortable with no changes. “We often hang on to materialistic and mentally comfortable things because they represent a part of us that we are not ready to let go of,” says Rogers Gonzalez, managing director of Eagle Vision Enterprise. However, with time we must realize that it is essential to adapt and grow our mindset to understanding newer concepts and much more positive vibes.

As we head into April Spring vibes are amongst us, this is the perfect time for spring, mental cleaning. One of the most necessary mental habits we believe is that your actions and mindset should balance. “Many times individuals will say things, but not act on them. This creates a bit of clutter when it comes to habits. This certain type of mental habit lets you see that you believe in different things, but you aren’t acting on any of it. It’s important to be the person that matches their actions, ambitions, and habits together for a healthier mentality,” says Rogers Gonzalez of Eagle Vision Enterprise.

Research also shows that a pervasive unhappiness factor is that individuals fail to understand how vital action vs. thought process is. When you tell yourself you want to do something, rather than thinking about it — do it. Create that habit because it will match your mentality and ambition. “For instance, if you want to start the gym. You will always keep saying ‘I’ll go tomorrow’ unless you actually just build the courage, and act on your ambition,” says Rogers Gonzalez of Eagle Vision Enterprise. By decluttering your mind and matching your words and actions, you have cleaned up your mindset. This is one of the ways we keep our minds fresh and active. You can too, Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to clean out your mindset!








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