Eagle Enterprise Inc. on Cristiano Ronaldo “Talent Without Working Hard is Nothing.”

The world has all types of individuals. Those that are talented but have not utilized their talents. Those that are not talented, but need to work hard to make in the world. What do we describe skill as? It’s the birth-given ability that makes you excel in something. “At Eagle Enterprise Inc. we believe that talent is useless without hard work. You can be the most talented individual ever, and it’ll still never keep you afloat because you have not learned to back it up by hard work,” says Rogers Gonzalez managing director of Eagle Enterprise Inc. Our favorite athlete is Cristiano Ronaldo, he has changed the face of football/soccer with his legendary plays, and it’s no surprise that we believe in his talent and his hard work.


Ronaldo says, “Talent without working hard is nothing.” “This is true because hard work is more important than just talent. Talent only carries you so far. However, if an individual is willing to prove themselves and cultivate their abilities/talents then they will be useful to them for whatever they want to do,” says Rogers Gonzalez of Eagle Enterprise Inc. It’s also true that talent gives a head start. For example, suppose that you are athletic and great at basketball. Your ability will make you stand out; you will be one of the better players on your crew. However, how can you be excellent in basketball?It’s when you work hard on your skills and practice that you make it to the real top.


Hard work is what gets your talent far. An effort is what makes you stand out. WIthout hard work and effort, your ability is just words backed without any action. Researchers, over the years, have found that hardworking individuals tend to reach their goals and it’s matched by their intellectual ability as well. It’s a significant component of success, and we believe in it over talent.


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